Storage Sheds


Storing your possessions is all about peace of mind.

Our fully enclosed storage units offer you long or short term storage for your domestic or business needs. With multiple shed sizes to cater to your individual storage requirements, we encourage you to come in and have a look.

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Storage Shed Sizes (depth, width, height):

3m x 3m x 3m  
(approx 27m³)
Roller door size: 2.6w x 2.1h
The size of an average sized bedroom.  Space equivalent: 1-2 bedroom unit or part of a house lot.

3m x 6m x 3.4m (approx 61m³)
Roller door size: 2.6w x 2.5h
A little larger than a single car garage. Space equivalent: Contents of a 3-4 bedroom house. Or car, trailer or boat.

6m x 6m x 3.4m (approx 122m³)
Roller door size: 3.6w x 2.5h
The same size of a standard double garage but with a 3.4m ceiling. Space equivalent: Larger 4-5 bedroom house with car/motorcycle, jet ski, small boat.  Ideal storage solution for businesses, tradesmen and importers.

12m x 6m x 4.4m (approx 324m³)
Roller door: 3.6w x 3.6h
The king of all storage sheds! Space equivalent to a machinery shed or barn.

And lastly, the MOTHER of all storage sheds!
14m x 6m x 4.4m (approx 370m³)
Roller door size: 2.6w x 2.1h

None of these big enough? Contact us and we’ll tailor make a shed to suit exactly what you need!

Mudgee Storage Sheds sets the standard in self storage.